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J’ai vécu une semaine inoubliable avec Clarisse à l’île de Ré. Grâce à elle, non seulement j’ai amélioré mon français, mais j’ai aussi découvert la beauté et la culture françaises de près. Clarisse est bien plus qu’une enseignante; elle est une amie précieuse. Si vous lisez ceci, n’hésitez pas à vous inscrire avec elle!

—-Embarking on a French immersion journey is already a remarkable feat. But to do so with Clarisse on the enchanting island called Ile de Re is to truly embrace a deeper, more vibrant spectrum of experiences. My week with Clarisse wasn’t merely an exercise in language—it was a dynamic exploration of French culture, hospitality, heartfelt connections, and the raw, emotional cadence of life itself.

From the hustle and bustle of New York, I was whisked away to the serene embrace of Ile de Re. Our mornings always started with the delightful ritual of a shared breakfast. These weren’t just meals; they were gateways into profound conversations and discoveries. 
Even before my arrival on Ile de Re, Clarisse’s invaluable guidance shone through. Our preparatory Zoom calls ensured I was well-prepared, and when I faced challenges with the French train system, she swiftly stepped in. Assisting with ticket bookings, she made certain I’d arrive punctually at the right place for our week together :)

The real magic truly began the moment I first met Clarisse in person at the train station where she kindly came to pick me up. From that very first greeting, she seamlessly activated my “French mode.” Throughout the week, I found myself not just speaking but thinking, breathing, and even dreaming in French. It was an immersion so profound that I was constantly constructing thoughts and sentences in French, a feat I struggled with just a week prior when I set out to try an ‘immersion’ of my own in exploring the south of France as a solo traveler.

Once breakfast was done, Clarisse and I would set out in her car to take off on a new adventure each day. These drives were less about distance and more about depth, as we dived into diverse topics spanning life, family dreams, and the myriad possibilities of the future.

The personalized experiences were what truly set this immersion apart. Our winery bike tour was an adventure for the senses—tasting different grapes, biking amidst sprawling vineyards, and relishing local wines paired perfectly with cheeses and chocolates. The renowned lighthouse offered breathtaking views and whispers of history, while casual interactions with local vendors during our market strolls felt like impromptu language lessons. One particularly heartwarming highlight was visiting Clarisse’s sweet parents in their senior home, offering an authentic glimpse into the heart of French family traditions. Our evenings, filled with delectable food, spirited card games, and the melodious laughter of her family, were memories carved in gold. Not to forget the spontaneous endeavor of trying to rescue a stray cat, which wasn’t just an act of kindness but a testament to the sense of community and spontaneous spirit that defines Ile de Re.
Ile de Re, with its enchanting landscapes and captivating history, serves as the perfect backdrop to this immersion. And who better to guide you through its charm than Clarisse? The afternoon explorations weren’t just sightseeing—they were extensions of our morning lessons, where the island became our classroom.

If you’re on the fence about where to experience genuine French immersion, look no further. Consider yourself lucky, you found French Today and Clarisse. Clarisse offers not just an ‘immersion week’, but a transformational journey. I left Ile de Re not just with improved French skills but with memories and friendships that I will cherish for a lifetime. 
If you want to truly experience France and its language, Clarisse’s immersion program is the epitome of excellence. Don’t just learn French; live it, breathe it, and love it with Clarisse.

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